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You ask, I answer, and at the table, anything goes, so whatever has been on your heart lately, whatever you might need some advice on, and you just don’t know where else to go or to do, I hope you feel safe, secure, and comforted to ask in this place, and friend, you truly do so.

As a Licensed Counselor at my ministry I see and hear so much and have incredible mentors above me to go to at any time, so whatever your question is, I can make sure I answer you in best possible way, whatever it may be, so please, ask away! 

Your question is saved and will appear when it is answered.

And here are some other questions that I have been asked before in the past that I thought I would put up to help others who may be struggling with the same thing…

Oh sister, thank you so much for reaching out. It is so apparent that you have a heart to serve God and He is doing a work in you, my dear. By your message, I think God has already been showing you what you need to do, and He is getting to the place where you see that you have all the courage, the boldness, the STRENGTH, to overcome the fear that is holding you back and preventing you from going forward to all God wants to do in your life. K
As sweet as your boyfriend is, and how perfect he may be in other areas, God is very clear in this area, the Bible tells us we are to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. It just won’t work, my sister. They are blind to everything God, they can’t see Him, understand Him, or know Him, and until God gets a hold of that man, He cannot see what you see in this life or connect with you at the heart level it is clear you are longing for. The beautiful thing is though, once you release Him, you then allow God to go into work in HIS life, and who knows, maybe he will see what God is doing in your life, and eventually, come to the Lord, too! Wouldn’t’ that be a POWERFUL testimony of God?! But we never know with God, and your heart, can’t be focused and longing for that, but on focused God, and longing for HIS will for your life.
As far as being worried about your boyfriend taking it hard, you are not the Holy Spirit or God, and it is not your job to protect him or be there for him at all times. You can let him know why you need to break up, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon him. You can still love him as a friend, invite him to church, and pray for him, but you need to trust that God loves him too, and it is HIS job to be there for him. And if God tells you in your heart you need to just break off all ties for a while, then you need to listen to God, but again, this is going to come from spending time with God in prayer and seeking HIS ways.
Oh sister, God has SO much He wants to show you on this journey, SO much of Him and HIS heart He wants you to see, and it will involved you reaching up and grabbing His big hand, and trusting Him with YOUR heart. Letting Him be your all and all, and choosing HIM over the fear of what your boyfriend will say, or think, or do. I know it scary to change, but fear is the enemy, and God did not give you the spirit of fear, but of love, and POWER, and a sound mind! Begin reading your bible more, my dear. Fill up on HIS truth, and He will give you all you need to follow Him. He will give you the words to say to your boyfriend. He will give you ALL.
I know you already know what He is asking, and now, He is saying, “Yes, my child. Do not be afraid. I am with you. I am for you. I love you!”
However your bf responds, it has nothing to do with you. It has to do with where he is in life, and how depressed he is in life without God. Be the light he needs. And he just might be drawn to the light in you as you choose to walk with Jesus. Trust God with him. God will take care of him! Its not your job, my dear. 🙂
I hope this helps a little. God bless your heart, and I am so excited for this new season in your life with the Lord! And I will pray for you AND your boyfriend to know Jesus. 🙂
Aw, sis. I am so sorry you are hurting from a past relationship…and I am so sorry for some of those hard days, where the enemy can completely get in your mind and heart and make you question so many things. That is truly what he does best, and it is so easy to constantly go back and think about the relationship, where we are now, what we could have done, and also, begin to forget who we are in God’s eyes, and who we are as a person.
But you have to know, that your relationship ending was nothing you ultimately did or could have done different — if he was the man God had intended for you, well, you would still be in it. THAT, is the bottom line, and however it ended, was God, working behind the scenes to set you free from something and someone He never intended for you.
Sometimes we can walk through life and get so caught up in what the world says love is, what we “feel” love is, or what we think a true relationship is, but I can tell you right now, that what you had with that guy, is not even close to what God is preparing for you, my sister, and the relationship and Godly man that He has for you, you will not ever have to fight to keep in your life. The man God has for you, you will KNOW, in your spirit, that he is far different than anyone else and make you fall more in love with Jesus. But, it takes getting to know more of Jesus, to know that man. It takes you realizing that you getting pulled out of this relationship, was God, so He could show you more of Him, so you would be ready to one day meet that man He is going to give. So as hard as some of your days can be when you are lonely, or sad, or thinking about it, or trying to move forward, you have to know, that God is trying to use it to pull you closer to Him. To get to know more about HIM, and HIS love, so when the amazing and incredible man who may be praying for you right this second somewhere, walks into your life, you WILL know.
Without knowing too much about you, your walk with God, or you situation, it’s hard for me to offer much, but I do want to share this. I am a Licensed Counselor at my ministry and our counseling is to help people draw God and deal with past hurts and issues they have had in life, starting from childhood. We deal with why we pick the wrong guys, why we struggle with certain things, why we can’t feel God the way we desire…all that, because it all starts with the root issues and lies we have believed our whole life about ourselves, others, life, and God. I am telling you this because the book we use in counseling, we just released the day you commented on my post, on Amazon. So, now EVERYONE can go through this book, outside of the counseling room, with God, and allow him to come and heal all the past wounds of the heart. I can honestly tell you this book is part of what was used to help set me free and SO many others that I council. The book well help you see how we go through life looking to other people, relationships, and things, looking to feel loved, when God has all we will ever need, and how much our past can affect our future.
If you are ready to dive in deeper with God, and allow Him to heal your heart of this relationship and more, then I would check it out. It is all biblical and written for God and by God through the Director of our ministry, who was just as broken as us all, and has allowed Him, to use her previous pain, to now bring healing to others.
This is the book: 
I know God is going to meet you, where ever you at, and just you reaching out is Him working in your heart, giving you courage and boldness to be healed. Keep seeking Him, sister. Keep looking up, even when the enemy wants you to look down or back at what you “think” you lost. Losing that relationship was the BEST thing that could have happened, because it is your God now setting you up for HIS best. 🙂
I hope this helped some! God bless you, my dear! I am glad to have you on my journey!

Friend, the very fact that you are trying to read your Bible just shows that your heart is looking for God and something more. That you are realizing there is something missing in your life, and looking to Him and HIS words, is THEE best thing you could be doing. So as discouraged as you might feel sometimes, don’t stop, as there could be a couple reasons why you feel the way you do.

First things first, when you open your Bible, you are coming before a Mighty and Holy God, and so order to hear Him through His words, your heart NEEDS to be right with Him. If you are being honest, are there issues in your life or heart, or sin, that you know He is asking you to lay at His feet and ask forgiveness for? Are there aeas He is asking you to acknowledge that you haven’t wanted to? If there is anything in your heart that you keep trying to ignore, you are in a sense, asking God to ignore it, too. And that, is not how He works. We need to come before Him, emptying our hearts of EVERYTHING that we know we need to, so we can then be open and ready to ALL He wants to say and do through the pages of the Bible. Unconfessed sin separates us from God, and I don’t know about you, but that is not anywhere I want to be, and EVERY time I open my Bible or  go to Him in prayer, I am asking Him to search my heart for what needs to come out. Even if I can’t think of anything, I still ask. We are messed up humans, and there are times I might have done something that I didn’t even realize, and I don’t think I am the only one. 🙂 I mean, who wants to waste time talking to anyone if they aren’t listening, right?! And God is not listening if we are not serious when we enter His throne room or sit before Him, asking Him to speak to us through His words.

Second, a lot of people think that when they read their Bible, fairies will start flying around and maybe Jesus will come on a cloud and speak to them. I don’t know where we hear these things, but the answer is no. Fairies won’t fly, and Jesus will arrive, but not on a cloud.  He will come in deep peace, an assurance as you read, and an anchoring, felt deep in your soul.  The MOST incredible thing that happens when you begin reading your Bible, is you begin to get know the Author of it, and your Creator! You begin to enter into a relationship with the One who knitted your very heart together, filling your heart with more love, encouragement, and truth, then any other relationship you have ever been in. Your heart begins to gradually change, even if you don’t FEEL it changing, or FEEL anything in the moment. God’s word does NOT return void, so even on the days when you feel like you’re just reading, you’re not. If you’re new to the Bible, hang out in the New Testament. Write down verses that speak to your heart as you read, and what they mean to you. As you do this, God’s words will begin to take root in your heart, and you will begin to feel and experience Him in your life, more than ever before. You’ll be able to go back and look at what you wrote, and be AMAZED at what you are writing. Because it is His Spirit, IN YOU, doing the writing. I heard someone say once to not leave until you get something. However long it takes, keep reading until you know that God gave you a verse just for you.Just for your day. Just for that moment. He will, friend. HE WILL!

“Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord! Blessed are those who keep his testimonies, who seek him with their whole heart, who also do no wrong, but walk in his ways! You have commanded your precepts to be kept diligently. Oh that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statutes!” (Psalm 119-176)

Honestly, sometimes things have to get worse in your life before you’re finally ready to acknowledge that living life your way isn’t working for you. God will let us choose what will be the thing that gets us to our breaking point. Whether it be substances, relationships, money, pride, whatever is YOUR issue, it will be the very thing that gets you to the place that you need to be — broken. Surrendered. Finally ready to give up control. To let your decisions, be made by and for Jesus. To stop caring what others think, and to start caring more what God thinks. In the end, it’s a choice. You don’t have to let things get worse. You CAN choose. You CAN finally ask Jesus to come into your heart, and be Lord over your life, and mean it. You CAN begin to seek the truth in His word. To read your Bible. To immerse yourself in HIM. The more and more you seek Him, and cut the things out of your life that you KNOW need to go, the more and more you will feel His power move through you, and break you free from the life you have been living. But, it starts with a choice. Or, it starts when life has gotten much worse on your own, and you have no other option but to look to Jesus. And I PRAY you do not have to go down as dark as a hole as I did.

I have a couple, but the one that is in most of my pictures is the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible – LARGE Print. Make sure you get the right one, because I ordered the small one the first time and many others  did, too, who asked me before! The other Bibles I use are the NIV and the NKJV. (Also, I’ll do a post on this in the future, but if the Passion Translation is something you use, please, please, please, GOOGLE why that Bible is not Biblical. There is just so much information on reputable sites and from seasoned Bible Scholars who will tell you why it’s not an actual Bible.  I bought a portion of it once before, too, so do your research on whatever Bible you choose to buy and make sure it’s an actual one!)

Pray. Seek Him. And let it be for HIM. He will lead the way. Start journaling. Start spending more time with Him and seeing what He wants you to do. To make sure that is where HE wants you in your time. Blogging is in a sense, journaling, so if you start there, He will help you take it public if it is what He wants, which, if it is a desire in your heart, you can bet HE placed it there. Know that. Those desires are HIS, which, makes it SO exciting if He is calling you. So exciting!

This consists of two parts. They either come from a verse that God brings me to while reading and that catches my eye, or something that I, or people around me, are going through. After that, I really try to start each post with realness, honesty, and transparency. And letting the Spirit lead. When I try to write in my own strength, they usually fall short. With Him, they are always for a purpose. He has a world of children that need to hear from Him. For me, letting Him use me and being open to how and why, is where the useful posts come in. Sometimes I don’t want to share what I am going through, or have, but if God is leading, I know it is for someone, or something.

Oh, goodness. I can have fun doing anything really. I really love baking and coming up with fun healthy creations in the kitchen, working out, music, concerts, reading new books (when I have time) trying new things, and being a light in a dark place. If Jesus is there, which He always is, then you can really find fun in it all. I also have a passion for acting and the entertainment world, so love to do fun little gigs here in and there with that.

I want to point others always to Jesus. To help others learn the love and freedom that comes from knowing Him.  If He is the only answer I have found, then why would I want to share anything but?  I want people to know that there are no bounds to His love. That all are welcome, and as much as social media paints a picture that some people are perfect, we are ALL messed up on some level. I want people to learn how to walk this life holding Jesus’ hand, and witness the glory of God in their life, and mine, as I walk along with them.
Jesus is my everything. He is my saving grace. My Savior. My all and all. He saved me. He rescued me. I mean, how could I NOT share about him? This blog was for HIM. Not me.

Well it took God nudging me and guiding me to start in the first place, but once I did, I realized that blogging, to me, is simply a place to share my heart. Letting people in. And providing a place for others to find hope, encouragement, laughter, and realness. Blogging is opening the doors of my life, so others can come in and get warm. So others can come in and be filled. Which is why my blog is called Come to the Table. I love what the table represented to Jesus and throughout the Bible. I love the image of sitting at the table with Jesus. (I’ll be doing a post about the title, but that is a reader’s digest version of my thoughts behind the title!)

I’ll continue to share more about this, but for starters, I just don’t even let the word mean anything in my life. It’s just a word, and the moment you decide to the believe the lie that it has power, or is not a part of God’s plan, is the moment you will start questioning where you’re at in life, God’s timing, and even entertaining the idea of settling. The more you seek God, and HIS truth about you, the more your trust in Him will grow, and the more you will realize, He is NOT holding out on you. He sees you. He knows where you are at in life. And if He could just give you a peek of the future, you’d never even worry another moment. You’d start enjoying life every second, of everyday, because you KNEW what was ahead. Faith is believing what you don’t see, so you need to already know and believe that, because it is the truth!

We ALL have bad days. The only difference is, I see them for what they are. If my bad days are having power over my actions, my thoughts, or anything else, then I KNOW I need to be upping my time in prayer and in my Bible time. Because when I am overflowing in those, then whatever I am going through doesn’t take my eyes of Jesus. I can look up at Him, smile, and KNOW He is with me. But gosh, when my eyes come off of Him, and I get in my own head, and my own ways, it is awful. My day, is awful. I’ll feel, awful.

Oh yes, yes, and yes! I think I have been waiting for my blog to start to share more about it. Everything from jail cells, addiction, my old dating life, and beyond. Let me tell ya, this sister has some war stories, and if you can see who I am now, and through my sharing, get a tiny glimpse of who I used to be, you’d know Jesus had all the power to help you WHEREVER you are at in your life. TRUST ME. 🙂

Every January this number will change, so I will just tell you the year and let you do the math. 1985.

Originally from Billings, Montana, where open fields and snowy winters was all I knew!

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