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Hello there! I am truly so excited that you stopped by, and I hope you stay, look around, and find a reason to want to come back, knowing that you are truly welcome here.

The meaning behind the title of this blog is simple;  Jesus references this table often in scripture, and every time I have read about it in the past, my mind would start to wander.

I would see Him,  sitting at this huge table, so many of us are there. The sight of Him causing big tears to pool in my eyes. I just can’t help but stare. He has the biggest smile on His face, just so so excited that we are all there.  He tells us stories of triumph, stories of victory, encouragement, just everything our hearts could ever ask for. All of us not wanting Him to ever stop, no one ever wanting to leave. All of our hearts equally aching to hear more.

The peace that surrounds us is unreal, and the warmth that is felt throughout the room blankets us together, and the beautiful sounds of our laughter heard everywhere. We come to this table often, and it’s there, over and over again, Jesus reminds us of what we are fighting for. Who we are. What this life is about.  Again, all we want is to hear more.

And with my eyes still closed, before we leave, I always see Him taking out His Book of Life. Opening it to show us, that everyone who sits at His table, indeed, has a name listed there.

We always leave feeling so full. Of love. Of peace, and with a new fire in our hearts as we head out the door. Ready to tackle everything that comes are away, with no fear of what we were thinking about just hours before.

THAT, is what God put on my heart with this blog. Over and over again I kept asking Him for a title, and one day I heard Him whisper, “It’s My Table.”  Moments after that, I got in the car, and “Come to the Table” by Sidewalk Prophets came on. Yes, I thought. The table.  A place, where so many could come, be encouraged, and feel SO loved and welcomed as they heard stories, laughed, and learned more and more about the One who loves them more than anything in this world.

A Little About Me

And who am I?  Well, just a gal sold out for Jesus. Ready to go wherever He asks me to go. To do, whatever He asks me to do. And be used by Him the way He had planned long before I was was ever here, long before I day I was ever due. I am also so blessed to be a counselor at an incredible ministry where I can see God truly work miracles, just as He did in my life, helping them to break free of the lies, the pain, and past, and into a powerful relationship with Jesus.

My life before Jesus was anything but glamorous. To some, I probably looked like I lived the dream life. I had a good job, was always the life of the party, lived by the beach, and seemed to not have a care in the world. The reality? I was so broken, so numb to my emotions, and so empty. I chose alcohol and partying as much as I could, to distract me from how deeply wounded, hurt, and broken I really was, having no idea why I felt the way I did. This brokenness lead to reckless behavior, run-ins with the law, and so much more.

This past year actually celebrates 6 years of giving up alcohol and everything else that goes with the partying lifestyle I was so addicted to. Some people don’t believe in Jesus, but if you knew I was before He came into my life, who I am now, and what He has done to set me free, you wouldn’t be able to deny that He exists.

I currently live with my younger sister, who also had a radical encounter with Jesus, and we are both dead set on being used by Him in extraordinary ways.

I have seen pain. I have seen heartache. I have seen hopelessness. I have been completely broken, seeing no way out. I can relate to what most people are going through, hands down, and to me, THAT, is a mighty gift from the Lord.

I am in a season where I am learning to trust God more. He recently took me down a path where I thought I knew what He was doing, and then, He changed everything entirely. It’s baby steps now, but He’s showing me that here, in these great unknowns, is where He will make His presence MOST known.

I don’t have all the answers, but what I do, is try to look for and seek God daily. I’m not perfect. I still have struggles. But thank goodness He doesn’t see the days I fall down, or the days where I run from Him, and turn from me. No, instead, He kneels down beside me, gently taking me in His arms, and just holds me, waiting as a loving friend, WITH me. He is still faithful, when I am faithless. He is my strength, in times of utter weakness.

So if I can do anything by sharing my journey, it is this: to help make Him known. To help introduce you to a God who saves. A God who rescues. A God who comforts. A God who will transform your entire life and heal every tear in your heart. And if one person see’s the light of Him, because of the light He shines out of me, then I will know that I have done what He has asked me to do. Which is to show more of Him, to all of you.

Thank you so much for stopping my, friends. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have you here, and I hope you know that whatever you are going through, I am here to remind you, He, your King, is always, always near.

“And people will come from east and west, and from north and south, and recline at table in the kingdom of God.” (Luke 13:29)

***Most of the photos of me are done by the talented Folk & Pine Photography. 


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